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This afternoon, July 11, 2018 Centurylink had a widespread outage from SLC.  This interupted all of our services.  Things should ow be back to normal, but please open a support ticket if you still have issues.




Are you a motivated and talented installer tech?   SourcOne has an oppotunity for you today.


The opening is for a contract part time.  Installing our wireless antenna's on customers roofs. 

    Knowledge and experience with Wireless Radio system
    Abaility to mount roof based antenna and run cat-5 wire. 


    You earn 50.00 per install
    You continue to earn 40% of the installed customer's monthly charge for as long as they are a paying customer!  


SourceOne Internet Provides:
    All necessary equipment
    All tower and backbone expenses


Interested parties are invited to email SourceOne.



Are you an operator looking for affordable tower locations? 


We now have a limited amount of space on 2 of our towers.  Located in the North West area and in the North Logan Area.  Please contact S1 with your questions and requirements.


We have recently changed the coporation name to S1I, LLC.   This is simply an update.  No services will be effected.